Upcoming Staff Training

Staff training to include food allergies, epi-pens and multiple intelligence.

Staff completes workshop on Multiple Intelligence

Pat Day presented workshops for the staff entitled “Multiple Intelligences: What is the theory and how could it relate to diverse learners” All staff are required by the state to have 20 hours of training in Early Care and Education including at least 5 hours of training for working with diverse learners each year. It’s an important part of our mission to keep up with current methods and research.

Upcoming staff training on food allergies and use of epi-pens

Linda Garrity, RN, our health care consultant has just completed re-certifying our staff in CPR and 1st Aid. On December 6th, Linda will be here to present a workshop on current research and regulations concerning food allergies. Parents are welcome to attend, just give the office a call.

Other upcoming staff training includes USDA Nutrition and Choking Hazards, presented by Beth on Dec 6th OSHA handling hazardous substances, presented by Beth on Dec 19th. Our staff will participate in a full day of professional training on March 10, 2014.

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