See What I Can Do

NCC’s See What I Can Do Curriculum

Our goal is to have all children at NCC feel good about themselves, their friends and their surroundings. Each day is planned with that goal in mind. All staff plan individually, in groups and among programs to look at all aspects of the day and create an environment that encourages children to ask questions, work together to solve problems, and celebrate success. Every three months we present an overarching theme to the entire community to investigate in a way that is appropriate for the age and stage of the children in each program. Math all around us (math, measurement and architecture ), summer reading is fun (literacy), circle of friends(local and global relationships) , the sky’s the limit (weather and space exploration) are a few of our themes. Even our infants get involved. We encourage staff to plan with an open ear. Listening to our children is one of the best ways to take a theme in new and exciting directions. All our children are explorers at heart. Their nature is to be curious. So our curriculum will lead them on many fun, knowledge seeking adventures.