Our Philosophy

We offer a quality program for children and their families which recognizes the holistic development of young children. We promote their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth and provide a stimulating environment with positive, nurturing care and a developmentally appropriate curriculum. NCC provides a variety of experiences and activities designed to encourage children to learn about themselves, their friends, and their surroundings. These include small and large group experiences, quiet times, and active play, as well as indoor and outdoor activities in keeping with NAEYC criteria and the Massachusetts Core Competencies for early childhood education.

Our outdoor play areas are spacious and designed with safety as a primary consideration. Our equipment is continually updated to meet the developmental needs of our children. It allows children to develop and test their skills with graduated challenges that are appropriate for our children’s ages and stages. The playgrounds’ designs accommodate our children’s needs for gross motor skills activity.

Our commitment to good nutrition is reflected in the mid-morning and midafternoon snacks served to the children. We work closely with our health care consultant and a nutritionist to meet the needs of growing children.