NCC Summer Program 2016

Dear Summer Program Parents,

We are all looking forward to the fun activities and events we have planned for this summer! If your child/children have attended in previous years, welcome back! If your family is new to our program, please see enclosed information sheet and check list for Summer 2016.

Reminder for all: It is imperative that your child be at Needham Children’s Center by no later than 9:00a.m. We will be leaving NCC for Swim Lessons and will be returning no earlier than 11:00am. Your child may join us at NCC at 11:00am. Please do not drop your child off at Rosemary. Swim lessons are required everyday in order to participate in Free Swim most afternoons.

Each child will be provided with a NCC drawstring backpack with their name on it for carrying towels/goggles back and forth to Rosemary Pool. This should stay at NCC in your child’s assigned cubby. You may want to use a separate tote bag/backpack for bringing towels, lunches, and change of shoes back and forth from home each day. Your child will also receive an NCC t-shirt that should be worn on all field trip days. Please be sure to bring a water bottle as well, that can stay in your child’s cubby.

A weekly schedule will be handed out at the beginning of each week with a list of field trips, projects and any other information about the week you might need.  We will also require you to sign a permission slip at the beginning of each week, so please plan your drop off accordingly.

Check out below for all the helpful information about our summer camp.  If you have any questions or need to reach us at any time during the summer feel free to email us at or call 781-449-1694.
Thanks for your continued effort in helping us create a fun, safe and exciting environment for your children this summer!

Elise, Denise, Rebecca, Nick and Susanne

Here is a list of this year’s Summer Schedule

Week One – June 27-July 1
Theme: Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot!
Fire Museum (June 28th)
Cooking Class at NCC (June 30th) – No Lunch Needed

Week Two – July 5-July 8
Theme: Everything is Awesome!
Castle Island (July 5th) – Extra Lunch Cost
Legoland (July 7th)

Week Three – July 11-15
Theme: Swingin’ Summer
Lowell Spinners (Wednesday July 13th)- Extra Lunch Cost
Glow Golf (Vans July 14th)

Week Four – July 18-22
Theme: 3-2-1 Blast Off!
Jump N Slide (July 20th)
Launch (July 19th/21st) – Extra Permission Slip

Week Five – July 25-29
Theme: Splish! Splash!
Revere Beach (July 26th)
Beaver Brook (July 28th)

Week Six – August 1-5
Theme: Take a Walk on the Wild Side
Capron Zoo (With PreK August 3rd)
Blue Hills (August 2nd/4th)

Week Seven – August 8-12
Theme: “Rock” N’ Roll
Rock On Norwood (August 9th/10th) – Extra Permission Slip
Bach to Rock (August 11th)
Family Swim Night August 10th!

Week Eight – August 15-19
Theme: All Around Town
Ridge Hill (August 16th) – Bag Lunch
Kids Place (August 18th)

Here is the Check List for this year’s Summer Program

Every Day:

Sunscreen, preferably the spray kind (LABELED)
NCC drawstring backpack that will be provided on your child’s first day
Towel (or 2) (LABELED)
Bathing suit (we often swim twice a day, a second suit for the afternoon is helpful)
Water bottle to travel/refill throughout the day  (LABELED)
Flip-flops/Crocs for easy on/off at the Pool
Closed-toe sandals or sneakers/socks for Playground running fun
Lunch (unless otherwise noted)
Child’s Rosemary Pool Pass (this will be attached to your child’s camp bag)


Field Trip Days (Usually Tues/Thurs):

NCC Summer Program T-shirt that will be provided on your child’s first day
Money for Lunch/Activities as noted

Swim Lessons

Monday-Friday at 9:30 am, rain or shine.
*They will only be canceled if there is a thunderstorm.*


Please have your child arrive IN their swimming suit with
Sunscreen applied by parent or guardian
*We will reapply sunscreen as needed throughout the day.*
We leave NCC once all the children are present. Please arrive promptly by 9:00am.
Our summer day ends at 5:30pm, please plan accordingly

Our Plans:

A weekly schedule of events, field trips, and art projects will be sent home at the beginning of each week. Permission slips must be signed at the beginning of each week.
Please be aware that many of our activities are weather dependent and subject to change. We will do our best to notify parents/guardians of any changes ahead of time and the NCC Office will know where we are at all times.

Please note our summer hours are from 8:00am to 5:30pm
We’re so excited for all the fun we have planned for this summer!

*Please see Elise, Denise or Rebecca if you have any further questions!*