Kindergarten Prep Weekly Newsletter


We had a very fun week celebrating NAEYC’s week of the young! The children engaged in many collaborative activities fostering music, art, healthy foods, and family engagement. We started the week with music and movement by parading around outside playing music with pots and pans and created rain sticks and painted them using watercolors. Followed by, working together to create a classroom cookbook, planted a flower and vegetable garden, read books to our toddler friends, and painted mason jars. We even enjoyed a tasty popsicle treat and had story time with Deborah Farmer Kris! Thank you for sending in a video message for your child Friday, the sweet expressions on their faces while listening to them made this a very special activity, we hope you enjoyed our short video and cards the children made for you.

We started a new theme about planet Earth. This week, the class learned about its shape and surface (land and water). They colored, cut, and assembled paper Earth models that we hung in the windows. To practice their numbers up to twenty they played an Earth number matching game.

Some other fun activities this week included Show and Tell, sharing journal stories with peers during Author’s Chair, and beginning to add using animal counters and through Spring Addition Puzzle activity. For letter Nn practice the children created a chart brainstorming words that begin with the letter, practiced forming the letter in their handwriting journals, drew pictures of objects that begin with the letter, and added word cards on our growing word wall.

Ask Your Child

To tell you the shape of the Earth.

Books We Read

I Have Feelings

A Little Spot of Feelings

The Three Little Pigs

Have You Filled A Bucket Today?

Sneak Peek To Next Week

The children will be exploring Earth’s land shapes (mountains, valleys, hills, islands, and plains) through making a paper plate model. They will be using various materials and clay to represent the different shapes. The children will also go on a scavenger hunt to gather materials from nature and bring indoors to create a collage and write about how we can help our planet to stay clean and green. To continue exploring texture in art, we will begin making a paper mache mask. We still need three empty milk gallon jugs. If you have any, please bring them in.

Letter of the Week – Zz

Sight Word – we, what (didn’t get to it last week)

Monday – Picture Day! (Dress up for a spring class picture day. I will email all photos)

Wednesday – Show and Tell

Thursday – Bingo!

Friday – Pajama Day

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Amy

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